Ranger Wrestling Camp 2013

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Our Workout

During our camp we want to introduce a workout to the wrestlers they will be able to use throughout the summer months to prepare them for the next season, "The Next Level".  We want our Rangers to complete the mission and to become "Bracket Collectors". We want our wrestlers to reach their goals.


Our crossfit style workouts are a perfect fit for a wrestlers' strength and conditioning.  We use specific exercises to emulate the same movements used during a wrestling match.  For example, we want our wrestlers to have explosive strength to finish take downs or explode from the bottom positions, so we work them through those particular exercises that build that aspect of their game.  We also want a well-rounded wrestler that has hand and foot speed, core strength, endurance, balance and most of all Mental Toughness. Strength and Conditioning is a key part of any champion in any sport.  Most professionals tailor their workouts in order to facilitate their game.  At Ranger Wrestling Camp we link those exercises to wrestling and illustrate these movement to the campers, so they get a full understanding of how these exercises will help and why it's important to execute with focus.

"I learned how to work harder, I learned how to embrace the pain of working out and how to take it to the next level. When you start to embrace the pain, you can kick anyones butt, because most people will quit.  You've got to enjoy the discomfort.  You've got to Flip That Switch"

"All you have to do is show people you care, If you can show people you care--if you can pick them up instead of putting them down--they'll do anything for you"

                                           -Andrea Hudy

                     Strength and Conditioning 

                                Coach Kansas Univ

        (9 x NCAA Champ Univ of Conn and KU)


Andrea sporting her "9" NCAA Championship Rings during interview

Our Workout

About Our Camp



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About our camp:

This years Ranger Wrestling Camp includes 2 Camps levels. One for Middle School and One for High School.  We will concentrate instruction on technique, partner drilling and live wrestling, with emphasis on wrestling concepts. Guest coaching and counselors from Virginia and Pennsylvania High School programs will also be on hand.

What to bring:

Each camper will be responsible for his own workout gear. Must Have:

  1. Wrestling shoes
  2. Running Shoes
  3. Multiple T-Shirts
  4. Shorts
  5. Water
  6. Mouth Piece (for Braces)

Optional Gear:

  1. Headgear
  2. Snacks
  3. Swimsuit
  4. Towel

Wrestlers are expected to arrive healthy, on time and in good shape.  There will be running each morning, workout session and wrestling training to follow.